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You can purchase two different versions of the Erasing ED film (on DVD), the Erasing ED Treatment Manual, and the CD Soundtrack through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account--just a credit card. Click on the buttons below to place your order. (Shipping is calculated at the end).

Erasing ED dvd coverClinician's Version. This 45-minute DVD contains footage and literature that is helpful for graduate students in training and for mental and physical healthcare providers

Erasing ED DVD: Clinician's Version: $55



Erasing ED dvd coverPBS Version. This 26-minute DVD is the version aired on PBS. It is helpful for lay people, students, and clinicians.

Erasing ED DVD: PBS Version: $40





Erasing ED Treatment ManualAn easy-to-use, hands-on training manual aimed at clinicians and student interns treating ED's, but also helpful for lay people.

Erasing ED Treatment Manual: $15

Discount: You are welcome to purchase the Erasing ED DVD and Treatment Manual together to save $5 off the individual price.

"Erasing ED" Clinician's DVD and ManualClinician's Version DVD + Manual: $65




"Erasing ED" dvd and manualPBS Version DVD + Manual: $50





Erasing ED CD Soundtrack: $10

Erasing ED soundtrackPurchase the original film score by Nicole Laby's Bay Area quartet WaterSaw (formerly Entamoeba).



purchase by mail

If you are unable to use PayPal, please make all checks or money orders payable to Nicole Laby, MFT, and send to:

Nicole Laby, MFT
101 Broadway, Suite 204
Oakland, CA 94607
Be sure to include your return address along with $5 for shipping and handling.

If ordering more than one item, please include $5 for shipping/handling of the first item, plus $2 for each additional item. (Shipping for DVD + manual deal is $7 total.)

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