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In Erasing ED, five former clients from the private psychotherapy practice of Nicole Laby, MFT, tell their unique and compelling stories of recovery. They expose the ugly and depraved aspects of ED (eating disorders) that permeated their lives for years. Each person explores recovery from ED, and the specific therapeutic tools they used to create lives free from pain and isolation.

The film Erasing ED is unique in its focus on the recovery aspect of eating disorders. Mental and physical health-care practitioners, as well as psychology graduate programs, frequently offer poor prognoses for eating disorders. This contributes to the global view that eating-disorder recovery is rarely achieved. Most eating-disorder documentaries and media feature stories about the failure to thrive. Fortunately, professional treatment triumphs over eating disorders more often than generally believed.

Erasing ED informs its audience about the full spectrum of an eating disorder: the etiology, the illness, and the recovery process. It serves to educate health-care providers, psychology students, and the public at large about the successful process of recovery. Above all, Erasing ED was created to inspire hope and courage in eating-disordered individuals and their families.

Please click here to learn about the Erasing ED Treatment Manual, a companion to the film and training tool for academic and professional purposes.

Recovery Story

Amber S. contacted Nicole Laby after watching Erasing ED. She was inspired by the film and had always wanted to give back to the ED community once her recovery became solid. This is one of many of Amber's wise and heartfelt contributions to the ED recovery arena.

"Self-hatred evolves into self-love. Fear & anxiety become confidence and living. I hope my story of my darkest days, spent barely surviving in my cage of Anorexia, can be the light and hope for the recovery of others. I was imprisoned and cagED by my eating disorder for 4 years. Today, I have my key safely tucked away, as recovery was that key...the key that's led me to being free. Living, loving, laughing... uncagED."

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Erasing ED - Nicole Laby