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Erasing ED Treatment ManualNicole Laby, MFT, collaborated with Sheira Kahn, MFT, and Dr. Avril Swan, M.D., to write a companion to the film, the Erasing ED Treatment Manual.” The manual provides a digest of information on the assessment, diagnosis, medical aspects, etiology, and treatment of eating disorders. Like the film, it is designed to assist mental and physical health-care providers and trainees in their treatment of eating-disordered clients and patients, but parents, teachers, friends, and those who struggle themselves will also find tools and answers to the vexing, mysterious puzzle that is this cluster of illnesses.

This manuscript is unique in that it provides (1) a list of tangible techniques and their descriptions so health-care providers can implement them in their work with clients/patients, (2) an understanding of how and why eating disorders form in the psyche, and (3) insight into the medical aspects of eating disorders and effective doctor-patient relations.

Through the use of these techniques, recovery becomes a concrete process involving the application of ego state intervention and reconstitution. Eating disorder recovery does not have to be a mystery.

Nicole Laby, MFT, is a psychotherapist with a specialization in eating disorders. She has a private practice in Oakland, CA, and consults with mental and physical health-care professionals and psychology trainees on eating-disorder treatment. Laby wrote and directed the film Erasing ED as a training tool, and to bring hope to those with eating disorders and their families.

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